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My name is Gursewak Singh Rana (G.S Rana), I am a resident of Bathinda Punjab. M/s G.S Rana Parad Shivling, which is a registered brand, how it came into existence, and why you should have full faith in our made Parad Shivling and Rasmani (Parad Gutika) I would like to explain this topic in detail.

Since 1995, I have been interested in Parad Vigyan which is also known as Ras Shastra. I must have been 16 or 17 years old when I started studying the subject functionally. In the subject of Ras Shastra, research is done on how the mercury is purified and the sanskaras of mercury are done, and how medicine is made from that pure Mercury, and how the metal changes are done by using this Mercury. There are a total of 18 sanskaras of Parad, out of which, after performing the first 8 sanskaras, medicines can be made from Parad and Shivling can be made by giving it a solid shape. The next 10 sanskaras of mercury are used for Alchemy, by the methods described in those sanskaras, other metals can be converted into gold or silver by using Mercury. Any new seeker who tries to understand this subject has the same desire that he can prove the method of making gold with this science, I too had a similar situation.

In the beginning, I also tried a lot to achieve this siddhi, but this siddhi, which is called Alchemy, is not so easy that every person can prove it. After about 8 to 10 years I realized that there is no easy way by which we can convert any other metal from mercury to gold. I do not rule out the possibility that Alchemy is not possible, even though modern science considers it impossible, but I have full faith that if eighteen full sanskaras of mercury are performed by the methods of Ras Shastra, then it is possible that other metals can be converted into gold with the help of mercury. I also understood that to do this work consecutively from first to 18 sanskaras, then this process is possible. Within a few years, I was able to perform functionally from the first to the eighth sanskaras of Parad.

After performing 8 sanskaras of Parad, there are two ways, either the medicines mentioned in Ayurveda should be made from the AshtSanskarit Parad or you give solid form to the pure mercury that has been consecrated to its Shivalinga or the Gutika of Parad which is called Rasmani. It is said to be built. I chose the path of making a Shivling by giving a solid shape to the 8 sanskaras performed mercury because I was more interested in making a Shivling by giving a solid shape to the mercury.

By the grace of Lord Shiva, I was able to give solid shape to Parad over the next few years. According to the texts mentioned in Ras Shastra, this type of mercury is called Mahabandha. This type of solidified mercury does not make a black mark by rubbing it on the cloth and if it is struck with a hammer, it breaks like glass. This type of Parad Bandhan is described in the Ras Shastra texts as Mahabandha. There is also a different feature in the liquid mercury that has been sanctified, which I have experienced that there is no difference between looking at this type of mercury and normal mercury, but if the Ashta sanskared mercury is put in water, then kept in sunlight, it becomes golden aura in 15 to 20 minutes and when that Mercury is filtered with a cloth, it again becomes white like silver. When I made this Shivling by giving a solid shape to this type of mercury, then the same feature was seen in that Shivling that after cleaning that Shivling, it shines like silver and after keeping it in water and sunlight, It becomes golden in color, after cleaning it again becomes like silver. The description of Mahabandha Parad is written in the Ras Shastra texts that this type of Parad is a very hard surface and its surface is very shiny and its surface becomes shinier with time as it is cleaned and On its surface, no person can scratch it with a nail. In this way, I made pure AshtSansrit Parad Shivling and I donated that first Shivling to a Shiva temple in our city.

The priest of the temple advised me to give knowledge to other people about the real Parad Shivling which you have made so that people know what the real Parad Shivling is. Because all the Shivlings found in the market are made of zinc tin or lead mixed, which are very defective. It is clearly written in the Rasa Shastra that zinc tin-lead or any other metal which gives soot by rubbing on the hand is the defect of mercury. The meaning of purifying the mercury and performing its 8 sanskaras is that all kinds of defects are removed from the mercury. Merchants who trade mercury give it by mixing zinc, lead, tin, etc. in mercury, in the same way as water is adulterated in milk, that is why until these defects are not removed from mercury, it will not be called pure. And even its 8 sanskaras cannot be performed. Most of the Shivlings found in shops are made of zinc rang or lead, in which a small amount of mercury is also mixed. If it is understood properly, then such Parad Shivling which was made by mixing zinc tin or lead, the mercury was not purified in it, but more impurities were mixed in it so that it comes in solid form and made as Shivling. Such highly flawed Shivling is easily available at the shops in the market and people are cheated by giving such Shivling in the name of real Parad Shivling. The simple identification of such a Shivling is that if such a faulty Shivling is rubbed on the cloth or hand, it will make a black mark on the hand.

The main identity of the real Parad Shivling is that if it is rubbed on the cloth or the hand, then there will be no black mark on the hand at all. If 8 sanskaras have been performed in the correct form of mercury, then putting the Shivling made from such mercury in water and keeping it in the sun, it will become golden in color because 8 sanskaras performed liquid mercury also becomes golden in color if kept in water and sunlight. So the same qualities are also visible on Shivling made from such mercury.

To tell people the identity of the original Parad Shivling, I used the online platform and in the year 2015, I created a Facebook page named Original Parad Shivling with Golden Shine and created a YouTube channel named Golden Parad Shivling to make people understand the identity of the original Parad Shivling. Introduced so that people come to know that there is a difference between a fake Shivling and a real Parad Shivling. People started to understand this. At the request of some people, I gave them the original Parad Shivling and when they worshiped the original Parad Shivling, they started getting very good results and in this way, the word started spreading that what would be the original Parad Shivling. What is its identity and what are the spiritual and very divine experiences that we get from worshiping the real Parad Shivling? People started sharing the spiritual divine experiences they had and further, they started telling their friends and relatives about this also, in this way gradually the demand of Parad Shivling made by me all over India but also outside India People started doing it.

Then some people started making fake Shivling in my name and giving it to people, when I came to know that people are being cheated by using my name by giving them fake Shivling, then I Got a trademark registration of my firm M/s G.S Rana Parad Shivling. So that in the future no one can give fake Shivling by using my name.

It is my hundred percent effort that the Shivling or Rasmani made by me should be made from pure and eight-sanskar Parad so that those who buy our made Shivling or Rasmani with great reverence, they get full spiritual benefits and all kinds of progress. And their devotion and feeling towards Lord Shiva may increase. So you can have complete trust in all the Parad products made by us. Here I would also like to tell that according to the scriptures, mercury is the metal of Lord Shiva and if we only make Shivling or Parad Gutika from it, then it is scriptural, apart from this, if we will make any other idol from mercury then that scriptures would be against. Along with the fake Shivling which are found at the shops in the market, other idols of Parad are made such as Lakshmi, Ganesha, Shri Yantra of Parad, etc. But according to the scriptures, only Shivling of Parad can be made, so I am making Parad. I give it only by making Shivling. I do not give any other kind of idol by making it.

If I got this knowledge by Guru's grace and Lord Shiva's wish, then it would have become my duty to give knowledge to the people that what is the real Parad Shivling and what is its identity. The spiritual progress which is described in the scriptures by worshiping Parad Shivling can be achieved only if the Parad Shivling is made from completely pure and eight sanskar mercury. By the will of Lord Shiva, as long as this body is functioning, it will be my absolute endeavor to make such pure Parad Shivling and give it to the people and dedicate my life to it. Thank you.

Om Namah Shivay